The Bible Study

A five session video study based on the award-winning documentary film. Each session is rich with scripture and insight, great for stimulating exciting discussions with your family or bible study group.

STUDY BOOKLETS are the centerpiece of this Bible study.  Within the pages, readers follow Caleb Rodriguez through Scripture, with insightful commentary and discussion questions.  Each starter kit includes six (6) copies of the study booklet. [18 pages]

STUDY DVD provides a video to open each of the five sessions.  Featuring the Refracted Glory clips referenced in the study booklet, plus new content presented by David Rives (host of “Creation in the 21st Century”). [average video length; 9 minutes each]

Author Caleb Rodriguez builds upon the Biblical foundations of Refracted Glory, venturing deeper into the pages of Scripture. Not merely with the goal of learning about hummingbirds, but of knowing our Lord better.

While hummingbirds may point us to Scripture, it is Scripture which enables us to understand hummingbirds. And in every matter, His word is found reliable and relevant for our daily lives.

Study Themes :

– Authority of Scripture

– Worship and Idolatry

– God’s Provision and Love

– The Fall : Man’s Sin, God’s Salvation

– Wisdom in Design